Explore a New Calm In the New Year with BalancingEnergy Yoga Center

BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center

Yoga helps you tone your muscles while improving your balance and flexibility. Take your practice to the next level this year by signing up for a class at BalancingEnergy Health & Yoga Center. At this yoga studio in the Design District, you will discover a variety of health and well-being services to help you lead a more holistic lifestyle. In … [Read more...]

Start Off the Year With a Great Workout at Our Fitness Center

Arpeggio community fitness center

Have you made a resolution to get fit in the new year but never knew where to start? Try these workouts at the fitness center in our downtown Dallas apartment. For the high pull, start with the barbell on the floor and your feet shoulder width apart. Reach down and hold the barbell with your arms extended. Lift the barbell straight up by bending … [Read more...]

Get Out and Learn Comedy at Dallas Comedy House

Dallas Comedy House

Great comedy is a combination of good writing, good delivery, and proper timing. Learn more about the art of comedy or just attend a show by heading to the Dallas Comedy House. As a top comedy club in Dallas, this venue welcomes some of the funniest comedians in the country. Comedy shows are available five days a week at affordable prices. You can … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Have Healthier Skin This Winter

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter can bring all types of different situations to deal with, including some skin concerns. Here are some skin care tips for winter to help you look and feel your best. Winter can cause your skin to become dry, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water to help. Water will help your skin stay hydrated and look healthy. Add a humidifier to … [Read more...]

What Should You Do if Your Cat is Overweight?

Cat Overweight

If your cat is overweight, they may be prone to health problems. Find out whether or not your cat weighs too much and what to do about it with these guidelines. Because cats are so small, event a small amount of weight, as little as three pounds, can be the difference between normal weight and obesity. This extra weight can contribute to a wide range … [Read more...]